Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is a First - My Nutritionist Just Called

The nutritionist from the CF clinic just called me. I was concerned the moment I saw the phone number – the CF clinic doesn’t call me after a check-up unless something is wrong. And the nutritionist has NEVER called me before. Here is our conversation:

“Hi Kristen. I just wanted to let you know all of your vitamin levels are normal.”

(Thinking in my head. Come out with it – you didn’t just call me to tell me I’m healthy.)

“But, your vitamin D levels went down. They are still in the normal range, and this is probably just because you haven’t been in the sun as much as you were last April (the last time I had them checked). But we need to keep an eye on it because it could lead to bone loss if it continues to go down. (Women with CF are prone to early onset of osteoporosis.) And, you especially need to keep them up when you are pregnant. Luckily, your levels will be checked each trimester during pregnancy. And vitamin D is something we cane easily supplement.”

I guess I am going to start being more diligent about taking my Viactive!

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