Saturday, February 28, 2009

IUI Moved to Monday

I was right about my ovulation being delayed, but it's not by much. The doctor found one good follicle on my left ovary, but, it hasn’t yet developed quite enough. He said we shouldn't trigger until the follicle is at least 17mm in size, and mine was 16 mm this morning. However, my doctor said follicles grow about 2mm a day, so we should be ready to trigger tonight. Moving the trigger up 12 hours means that we need to move up the IUI as well, so we'll be doing it on Monday instead of tomorrow.

That's the plan. We'll be administering the HCG trigger right before bedtime tonight. I must admit a part of me is a little nervous about the idea of giving myself a shot, but, I figure, if thousands of women do it everyday, I can too :)

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Lindsay said...

GL with everything!!

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