Monday, February 23, 2009

HSG Results

My tubes are clear!

Overall, the procedure wasn't too bad. It did hurt and I am thankful I took the ibuprofen beforehand (oh, and no near-puking! ;). Apparently I have a curved cervix, which meant the doctor had trouble getting the catheter in. For most of the procedure, if felt like bad period cramps. There was just one moment when the dye went in that really hurt. But I still acted like a pansy and was squeezing the tech's hand and breathing really hard :P. I did feel like I was going to faint for a minute, and the doctor said that's normal when there is pressure on the cervix.

I also asked about Greg's SA, and the doctor said the count was 109 million (anything over 20 million is considered normal), morphology was right at normal, and motility was about 20% below normal. He told me that, if I didn't have any issues, he wouldn't recommend IUI at this point because the high count would make up for the reduced motility. But, because of the SA results combined with my CM issues, he definitely thinks IUI is the best option for us.

So, now my fingers are crossed that my body will gear up to O right on time. Last month I O'd on CD 13, which would be too early because my ultrasound isn't until CD 14. And hopefully my body doesn't decide to delay O this month either. We will see on Saturday!


Shannon said...

Im glad the HSG went well, thats great news!

And Im glad the dust worked :)

Bridget said...

Congrats on being one step closer to being a mom! Best of luck!

Lindsay said...

Very exciting! I'm glad it went so well and that DHs SA went well too!

bbjoys said...

Glad the HSG went well. GL with everything!

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