Thursday, June 25, 2009


CD1 is here. Thank you Lord! The past six weeks have just sucked. I can't stand just waiting around to actually do something. Even though we still TTC'd on our own last cycle, I have given up hoping it will work that way, so I felt like we were just waiting. And that made me feel helpless and depressed. I want to be pregnant again SO BADLY.

I called the RE's office this morning, and I start 100mg of Clomid on CD5, and go in for my first ultrasound on CD13. I am so relieved to be back in the game!


Lindsay said...


Jess said...

Yay good Kristen! I swear we're on the exact same cycle, down to the day ha ha! As happy as I am to be "aloud" to try again, I'm so nervous! Good luck to you :)

Maeghan said...

Woohoo, here's to starting a new cycle refreshed and renewed!

girlykat said...

Yay for being back in the game! Sending you tons of luck and well wishes!

Shannon said...

Im so excited for your new cycle, Yay!

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