Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Wonder When I Will Ovulate?

This is my current TTC question. Since going off birth control, I have O'd 13 times, each time between CDs 13 and 18. I'm think I'm pretty lucky to have such regular cycles. I am curious to see if the chemical pregnancy will throw-off my luck. Hopfully it won't. The sooner I O, the sooner our next IUI cycle will arrive. But, no sign of O so far. It's CD12, and I've had no EWCM, no fertile cervix, and no high or peak readings on the CBEFM. Usually I've at least had some EWCM by now.

Nothing to do but wait. What else is new in the TTC world?


mtendere said...

After my 5 week loss, I ovulated right on time around CD 15, counting the first day of heavy bleeding as CD1. I hope you have the same luck with your cycle. Of course, we weren't quite as "into" TTC that month and didn't even attempt to time anything, but it was comforting to know things were more or less back on track with my body.

Something Simple Design said...

Kristen, after my m/c I got no EWCM. I also quit OPK's so I was very very confident no O, but must have. EWCM may be a little different after m/c. I've got my fingers crossed (eye balls too).

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