Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Year

I just realized that yesterday marked our one-year anniversary of our first TTC cycle. So, I guess we officially conform to the standard definition of infertility.

Hitting this one-year mark doesn’t really bother me, but it does cause me to reflect on where I was last year (and giggle a bit at my naiveté). I thought someone who had been TTC for 8 months had been trying for a long time. Now I look at people who have been TTC for 2+ years as being in that category. I was terrified about the idea of undergoing fertility treatments. Now I am thankful for them. Even though I knew I’d likely have CM issues, I thought we’d be PG in four cycles. Now I am hoping to be PG in four IUI cycles.

I have learned sooooo much about infertility and getting pregnant, and I have learned about how much misinformation and ignorance there is out there. Yet, I am still new to this world and have so much more to learn.

I had no idea what a wonderful community of women I would meet along this journey. The original intent of my blog was to share information about CF. It was supposed to be a CF blog. I had no idea it would turn into an infertility blog. But, that change in course has led me to “meet” so many great people. I love that my blog has allowed me to connect with others struggling with IF, both CFers and non-CFers.

I can honestly say that, once we finally are pregnant (for more than a few weeks) I will be so thankful for this experience because of everything I have learned and the wonderful people I’ve met.

And, I don’t think I will ever again randomly ask a couple “so, when are you having kids?” because now I know how painful that question can be.


Amy said...

I totally agree with everything you've said Kristen! I'm praying that you will be pregnant very soon!

G said...

i'm sorry you've made it to the year mark, but everything you said about the journey and lessons learned is true.
I hope that the 4th IUI does it!

Lindsay said...

I totally agree. Its so funny how niave I was 1+ year ago. I really hope IUI#4 is your lucky one!

Something Simple Design said...

I agree as well. Well said. I never take a woman being or trying to be pregnant lightly at all anymore. I can only now feel blessed to have the insight to know the painful struggle so that I can more intimately bond with those amazing women that I too have met through the process, including yourself! You are so wonderful and I feel so lucky to have walked the TTC path with you for so long!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

I completely agree with you! We ended up conceiving almost one year to the day from when we started trying. I pray you will have a sticky pregnancy soon!!

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