Saturday, August 22, 2009

CF Meds Are So Expensive

I just refilled three month supplies of albuterol, hypertonic saline, and colistin. Here's my order summary:

PrescriptionsTypeQuantityPlan paysYour estimated cost
Colistimethate Sodium Vial 150MG Refill1 Rx$2725.12$20.00
Albuterol Sulfate Inh Soln 0.083% Refill1 Rx$73.65$20.00
Hyper-sal Inhalant Solution 7% Refill1 Rx$118.26$50.00

Almost $3000 for Colistin (and one of those months is an "off" month, so it's really a two-month supply). And, I'm pretty sure that Pulmozyme and Tobi have similar costs, although I don't take those meds, (for now, my doctor has been considering putting me on Pulmozyme). Thank God for insurance!


Jessica said...

Yeah its alot. I take pulmo and for a 1 month its $2500. Tobi is $5,000 a month (from cf services pharmacy).

I am so glad for insurance. I only pay $9 co-pays.

Lindsay said...

WOW, that's out of control! Thank god for your insurance!!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

Wow, I just showed this to my husband...thank God for insurance is right! We'll find out soon enough how much meds our little guy will need to take.

The Browns said...

AMEN to that!!

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