Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Follies + Great Sperm + Perfect Timing =

Nothing. AF arrived this morning. Onto Cycle 15. It's funny, even though I know my CM is a problem, I can't stop hoping that maybe a few sperm will make it to the egg. I mean, there are so many other women with CF who get PG without assistance - why can't we??? It makes me wonder if there isn't something else wrong, and I'm glad we are getting a second opinion next week.

This also means decision time. I am supposed to go visit my family in Maine next week, which will fall right on CDs 9-13. This means I won't be back in town in time to ensure I don't O before an IUI this cycle. So, do I cancel my trip so we can finally get back in the game, or we risk taking a fourth cycle off?

If I decide to go, I am not going to take Clomid because I don't want to risk wasting another Clomid cycle. But, I may ask my RE if we can do a natural IUI if I haven't O'd by the time I get back.

I think my RE wants me to start clomid on CD 3 now (instead of CD 5), so I have until Thursday evening to decide. I got some good advice from the girls on the Nest, but I am still torn. The idea of taking another cycle off kills me. Especially considering that my FF calendar is currently showing my O dates for November and December as falling right smack on Thanksgiving and Christmas - when we will be out of town for a week. So, if we miss this cycle and those two, we'll only get two IUIs (if we need two) in before January.

Being an engineer, I like to think about the odds - our chance of success is greater than 50% in three IUIs. Meaning, if we miss all those cycles, the odds are we won't be pregnant by the end of the year. This also means there is a good chance I would be at least 34 by the time we had our first kid. Ugh! I hate getting older! I wish we didn't have to worry about the age thing so much.

I'm hoping the therapist can help with this decision. I am really looking forward to my appointment tomorrow!

Oh, and I met with HR today and told them about my CF and IF. I filled out some forms to apply for FMLA. Now I just need to get my doctors to fill out some forms for me, and we will be good to go!

Oh! And, I called the new RE’s office today to ask if it would be okay if I am in the middle of a Clomid cycle with my current RE when I see them next week. The nurse said, “Yes, that happens all the time.” I also mentioned my RE’s lack of monitoring to her. I was really surprised – she said they usually don’t have people come in for an u/s until five days after their last pill! And, when I told her about ovulating on CD10 last cycle, she said, “Oh, that was just Clomid causing a false positive OPK.” (Then I explained to her that O was confirmed via u/s). So, it sounds like this new RE does things pretty much the same as my current RE. And, now that we have our current RE on board with earlier monitoring, I’m not so sure I am going to want to switch. We’ll see next Tuesday. I'm still really looking forward to getting a second opinion.


Colleen said...

I have been following your blog for several months now. While I can see why you are torn about whether to go on the trip or not, I think you need a little break. I say take the trip. I know it is hard to skip a IUI cycle, but perhaps you can look at it as an opportunity to take break from all the emotions attached with IF. I know you have been through a lot this last year; you deserve to give youself a littel break. :)

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

I wish I knew more about this whole topic so I could give you some solid advice...I guess I won't experience any of it until I get married, so then I'll be coming to you for advice. So get ready!


Lindsay said...

Do not title your post like that..you got my hopes all up. I'm so glad HR is being understanding. I hope the new RE is better than the current one, but if he won't monitor early I wouldn't switch. you'll have to feel him out in the consultation. GL!

Kiki said...

I ovulate on CD 10 or 11 on Femera. The doc couldn't believe it and I missed ovulation the 1st time so this last cycle I took Femera CD 2-6 also Menopur injections on Day 2, 4, and 6 then my sono on CD7. My follies were 16, 14.5, and 13. Went in on CD8 and they were 17.5, 17, and 13...so I triggered CD9 and had 1 IUI on CD10 and 2nd IUI on CD11. My doc is suprised but he says it could be I'm just sensitive to the Femera and it is sending strong signals to my brain...either that or my egg quality is getting bad...but he doesn't think the latter. Stand your ground with your doc and as soon as you see a surge go in! or even before just to be sure!

Shannon said...

Im sorry about AF showing up.

I really think you should still go on your trip to see your family. I think it would do you good to see them, clear your head, just get away.

Im hopeful that this new RE can reassess everything for you and get the right combo you need to get you knocked up. Im so hopeful that will happen, I just cant wait for the day!

Thinking of you

The Browns said...

I know your nervous about switching doctors seeing as you almost have this one trained :) But I think it will be good for you all to have this visit with the new one, a chance to tell them how it works with you from the beggining and make sure they are willing to do things your way, the way you want them!

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