Friday, August 21, 2009

Decision & Clinic Visit

I decided to cancel the trip. Big thanks to everyone who gave me advice - it was a very hard decision and I didn't make up my mind until the last possible second. I was laying in bed last night, with the Clomid pill in my hand, hemming-and-hawing over it. But I decided to go ahead and take it because, each time someone told me to go on the trip, I felt a little sad, and, each time someone told me to cancel it and do this cycle, I felt relief. So, I took that as a huge sign. I might be able to reschedule it to sometime this fall - luckily plane tickets are cheap and these canceled cycles means we can afford it.

Also, I had CF clinic yesterday. My FEV1 was 112% - down 3% since my last visit, but my doctors were not concerned. The exciting news is that, next month, it will be two years since I cultured pseudomonas! So, fingers crossed that yesterday's culture comes back clear. My doctor said I only cultured "a small amount of Staph" at my last clinic visit in May.

I asked my doctor for a new prescription for my GERD, so he is going to put me on Nexium. Hopefully that will stop the waking up in the middle of the night, gasping for my inhaler, which has been happing every night lately. That cannot be good for my lungs!

I also asked if I could try the lowest dose of Advair again. My CF doctor said that Advair only helps in CF if there is an asthma component and I really only get asthma in the middle of the night and when I go for a run in the cold. But, I figured it would be worth a shot, if I can keep the thrush away this time. I have my probiotic and Orithrush on-hand, so, hopefully it won't happen again.


Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

It sounds like you made the right're always in my thoughts and I have complete faith that God will provide for you.


Erin said...

I am happy that you made a choice that works for you, pressure free. It seems like your heart was telling you something and you went with it. Maine will be here - though all people in Maine always want you closer ;) It would totally suck to feel the regret if you went to maine and missed another cycle. ::::FINGERS CROSSED:::: lets gooooooo follies!

Jessica said...

Have you tried flovent instead? I am actually using symbicort b/c both adviar and flovent did nothing for me BUT I have really bad asthma.

Has you thought about having a sleep study done? The waking up gasping could be b/c you stop breathing in your sleep and then you body catches up and it wakes you causing you to gasp - just a thought.

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