Monday, May 14, 2012

CD13 u/s and CF stuff

This morning's ultrasound showed that my 12mm follie is catching up - now I have 16.5 and 18mm follies - two! The plan is to trigger tonight and do the IUI Wednesday morning. I'm scared about having two, but my RE said the risk of twins is only 10%. And this is very similar to the cycle I got PG with Lily - I had 16 and 20mm follies when we triggered that cycle.

And, unfortunately I have to give an update in CF-land. I have bronchitis, blech. Last week I caught a cold from Lily, and now I've lost most of my voice and have a junky cough and lots of nasal congestion. I've heard this is going around right now, so I'm guessing it's viral and hoping to stay off antibiotics. So far I don't feel too bad, just tired and a little junky. This is the first time I've been sick since I've started pulmozyme, so I'm hoping that will be a big help.


Serendipitie said...

Good luck!

semperfiohana said...

good luck!!! stick baby stick!

Maeghan said...

Good luck! My belly is doing flips for you. So exciting!

natalie8784 said...

Good luck!

In CF world-have you tried hypertonic saline? It may not be something you need all the time, but I just started it (and its pregnancy safe) and it noticed instant results. Just a thought for those junky days.

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