Tuesday, May 15, 2012


That was my FEV1 today. It hasn't been that high in almost 10 years! Between adding pulmozyme, NAC, fish oil, and allergy shots, something is definitely helping. My doctor said I made his day.

It's funny because I didn't even know I had CF clinic today until I got the appointment reminder yesterday afternoon. Perfect timing considering I am sick. My doctor thinks it's just a virus, but he may put me on something if my sputum culture comes back showing psuedomonas (I did not culture it at my last appointment three months ago).

(And to the commenter who asked if I've tried hypertonic saline - I do take that twice a day and have been for years. I love it and think it's had a big impact on my health.)

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natalie8784 said...

That was me! And clearly I am not paying enough attention to your blog! I hover at a 97% FEV1, so I am shooting for 100% after a few months of hypertonic (well and after baby is born of course!).

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