Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beta #2

175! I am loving these good, strong numbers. Before I was always a bit below average, and now I'm a bit above average, which would make sense with my early BFP.

I'm already having some pregnancy symptoms, which is reassuring - mostly a raging appetite, cramping, and a little nausea.

My RE's office also checked my TSH and upped my Synthroid dose. My TSH was 3.3 before the dosage increase.

In other fun news, Lily turned two yesterday! It all does go by so fast.

In CF news, clinic called yesterday because I cultured "a little bit of pseudomonas." Which means that, if I get sick while PG, I will have to go on IVs because there are no oral antibiotics I can take that are safe for pregnancy. So that sucks. Hopefully Cayston will keep the pseudomonas at bay. I'm also thinking I am going to stay on Azithromycin...originally I planned to go off it because I didn't really notice it helped me, but it's only a pregnancy category B, and I think it would be good to include anything I can that might help to fight the pseudomonas.


Carolyn said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!!

Lindsay said...

So excited for you!!

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