Friday, May 25, 2012


So, I have been testing out the trigger, and yesterday I got my first BFN. Then, this morning, I decided to test again just for additional piece of mind that the trigger is gone, and I got a very, very faint second line. Now I am going crazy wondering if it's the trigger or the beginning of a BFP. I was wondering if maybe my urine was more concentrated this morning, so I took another test after lunch, and the line is still there.

The last time we did IUIs, it took, at most, 9.5 days for the trigger to get out of my system. Now I am  9dpiui and 10.5 days past trigger, so it could go either way. :::trying not to get my hopes up:::

In other news, I recovered from my illness without antibiotics! Whoohoo! I bought a home PFT monitor, and I absolutely love having it because it provided me with assurance that I didn't need to call my doctor.


Maeghan said...

!!!!! Now I'm going to be stalking your page so you'd better post soon :)

natalie8784 said...

Fingers crossed!!

semperfiohana said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

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