Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chin Up

Well, I am feeling better. I still have that constant, underlying feeling of sadness, but I am much better than I was the other day and last month. I keep reminding myself that our next IUI cycle is only a few weeks away.

I really can't believe it will be 3.5 months between IUIs. The silver lining to this break is that we put more money in savings and were able to install new laminate flooring in the bedroom (goodbye dust mites!).

So, in the meantime, I am doing a little experiment: I am continuing to use OPKs and my CBEFM. I know that I ovulated on CD13, so I find it interesting that I never got a positive OPK until that morning, and I continued to get lows on my CBEFM until today (CD15), when I got a high. WTF? And I am still getting positive OPKs. So, I think it is safe to say that the monitor and OPKs don't work well for me. I don't understand why - I guess it just takes longer for the LH to reach my urine?

I am still ticked-off at my RE for his lack of monitoring, and I am concerned that he doesn't want me to come in until CD12 next cycle. My question is: if I get an u/s on CD12 and ovulate on CD13, won't we be in the exact same situation as this month, in which the RE said CD13 was too late to do the IUI? I am going to ask this question once I get my period and it's time to schedule everything. I also decided to look into seeing the other group of REs in town, but, unfortunatley, they are not covered by my insurance.

Oh, and I got a massage yesterday. Ahhhhh....that was awesome. I had a deep-tissue massage because my back has been killing me for months and Greg's massages just haven't been doing the trick. It hurt so much that I wanted to jump off the massage table the entire time, but it was a good hurt, YKWIM? And now my back feels so.much.better! I wish I could afford to go every week!


Amy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! I hope everything works out for your next IUI!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE massages! I'm glad you had a good one!! I would push for monitoring starting CD11.

Shannon said...

are you temping? I found taking my BBt every morning worked way better and more accurately than the OPKs. Have you read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility??"

Kristen said...

Hi Shannon, Yes, I am temping and have read TCOYF. The problem I have with temping is the whole fact that it only tells you that you've O'd after the fact. OPKs and the CBEFM are supposed to predict O, which is why it would be nice if they actually worked for me because it would make timing things easier. Oh well. Hopefully the increased monitoring via u/s will solve that problem.

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