Sunday, July 12, 2009

OPK at 5 dpo

This is the sixth day that I've gotten a positive OPK. I remember reading on, (which, sadly, is no longer online), that getting so many positive OPKs in a row means your body geared up to O and then didn't, so it geared up to O again right away, giving multiple overlapping surges. However, because I had the CD13 u/s, I know this is not the case. Weird.


Nikki1007 said...

That always happens to me if I use the 1st Response or Answer OPKs. I have found the internet cheapie strips to me much more accurate for me. I usually only get one positive on those the day before or the day of O.

Lindsay said...

Very Odd.

CottonSocks said...

FR opk's were awful for me - consistently wrong. They gave strong lines, equal lines, dark lines but weren't backed up by $tree or internet opk's or digital opk's or my chart.

Hate them. I must have had nearly 2 weeks worth of positives on a perfectly good batch of FR.

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