Monday, July 27, 2009

Slightly Annoyed

I called my RE's office today to let them know about AF's arrival. When I called, I told the nurse that I had a question for the RE. I explained to her about how last month's CD13 u/s showed I had already O'd, and how the RE told me, "We could do an IUI today, but I don't think it's worth it." I also explained that the RE said, "Next month we'll have you come in on CD12."

I was concerned that CD12 might be too late. So, I asked the nurse, "If I come in for an u/s on CD12 and then O the morning of CD13, wouldn't that be too late to do an IUI, considering CD13 was too late last cycle? Shouldn't my u/s be earlier than CD12?" And she did not understand what I was asking and kept saying ,"Noooo, it should be fine, but I'll ask the doctor."

Then she called back a few hours later and told me, in a slightly condescending tone, "The doctor said that, although you ovulated on CD13 last time, he looked at your chart and sometimes you don't ovulate until after CD14. So then CD11 could be too early. But if you WANT to come in on CD11, then we can schedule it for then."

I explained to her that I understood and was fine coming in for multiple u/s if necessary. I did not want to risk missing another cycle. So, u/s is scheduled for CD11. I just don't understand why they don't understand. I don't think I am being unreasonable, but they are making me feel like I am being an overly-demanding patient.

Oh well, all that really matters is if they can help us get PG, and I guess it's a case of needing to to be a PITA in order to be an advocate for yourself in the doctor's office. That's one thing I have learned from having CF!


Amy said...

Good for you for voicing your concerns. I'm AWFUL about that and I end up getting walked on. I hope this cycle is IT!

Maeghan said...

Good for you!! It's so frustrating to me since in medical school all they do is shove it down your throat besides manner and understanding your patients needs. Being a constant patient it is definitly so sad just how much you have to be an advocate for yourself. Stand your ground, it's still like a business, you are the customer and paying the bills so you get what YOU want! Goodluck!!

Alicea (mnbride1013) said...

If I have learned anything with dealing with doctors, always go with your gut and stand up for what you believe is right. I trust WebMD more than I trust doctors; sad, but true. Doctors just seem too busy these days to take the time to listen and understand their patients' needs. Good for you for pushing for what you want out of your medical care!

girlykat said...

How frustrating! I'm happy you got scheduled for cd11 though. Good for you for standing up for yourself. I don't think you were being overly demanding at all. Good luck! Hopefully after this cycle, you won't have to deal with them anymore!

gringa78 said...

I've learned that if I don't call up and schedule myself in for the things I need at the RE, I won't get them. More and more I'm hearing stories like yours...I really feel my RE didn't pay attention to me until I did IVF...when i was doing IUIs, I was just a face in the crowd. Good for you for going in "early" for an extra u/s. fingers crossed for you this cycle!

Emmie said...

Well done on making them listen to you! Sometimes it can be so hard to get your voice heard but you know better than anyone how your body works by now. Did you get my email ok a few weeks back? I went through very similar things with trying to get the clinic to listen! Keeping everything crossed for this cycle, take care! Emma x

Jessica said...

I hate when docs make you feel like you are being overly demanding -like there is something wrong with wanting the care YOU are paying for!!! I look forward to following your blog. I too have some issues with getting preggo. Aside from having CF I also have only one working ovary and a bicornate uterus. I have also had 1 (possibly) 2 miscarriages. I'm not sure what tips and things you have tried but I have a few that helps us. Good Luck and I look forward to reading !

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