Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cycle 14

Well, that was my longest luteal phase ever! AF arrived yesterday. Now I am hoping for a relatively speedy O, because Greg has to go out of town from CD16 to CD21. We may be able to squeeze-in an IUI the morning of CD16, if we can get the RE to come to his office bright and early on a Sunday.

As far as my health, I am feeling better. I even went to the gym yesterday, although I am still a little tired. I'm no longer blaming the cleaning products because Greg is now sick with similar symptoms. So, I guess it was just a random virus.


Maeghan said...

Yay!!! Yeah, I started on Saturday too. Not sure what was up with that! Sorry to hear Greg is now sick too, yuk! Goodluck this cycle, if you need to use brute force with your RE do it :)

Shannon said...

Im glad you are feeling better.

Im really hoping you guys get the time to squeeze an IUI in this cycle, I will be thinking of you and looking for updates.

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