Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Positive OPK. It's not super positive, but the test line is the same as the control line. I got a low on my CBEFM, but I could see that the test line had gotten darker, and I think I'll get a peak tomorrow. So, my current interpretation is that I am going to O tomorrow. And my u/s isn't until tomorrow. This is why I get nervous about my RE scheduling my u/s on CD14 - sometimes I O on CD13 or CD14, so a CD14 u/s + a CD15 IUI would be too late.

So, I am going to call the RE's office as soon as they open. Of course, I made the mistake of having the trigger shot delivered today, so I probably won't even have it if the want me to trigger right away.

I was also worried about Greg's sperm count. He haven't had sex since Friday, thanks to a yeast infection I got, (freaking Colistin...grrrr....), so I wasn't sure if he should take care of buisness this morning to give us 24 hours, or to hold off and give us 5 days. When I mentioned this to him, he said, "I'll just take care of things this morning. My sperm count is fine, and I'd rather have fresh swimmers." Then, a few minutes later, "Wait! I just remembered I had a wet dream last night, so we don't have a choice either way. Hahahaha!" Ahhhh....the romance is just intoxicating.

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Maeghan said...

Goodluck with the scheduling!!

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